Articles and feature writing

Most recently I was freelancing at the desk and contributing articles for the Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network. I interviewed and wrote articles, did social media such as Facebook and Twitter and helped with digital journalism tasks.

Fieldpost: Bubonic plague has killed 40 people in Madagascar, but ignorance is the deadliest threat, says Christophe Vogt. Read here.

“Over the past 10 hours we been introduced to some brilliant NGOs all around the world – from Australia to Argentina – and we’ve been mapping them all throughout the day.” Check out our NGO MAP.

I contributed on articles for The Guardian’s Living Better section on How to set up a bee keeping group, How to set up a clothes swap, How to set up a neighbourhood group, Hops are the herbs of beer, How to produce your own community beer.

I wrote a feature as well: The allotment that helps abused and neglected children thrive. A team of unemployed teenagers has transformed an abandoned allotment into an oasis with chickens, courgettes and hedgehogs for children and young adults in care. Read more.


“My ‘Freegan’ week in London – surviving without money,” published by The Ecologist.  Maria Evrenos left her wallet at home for a week to discover that even an inexperienced urban forager can survive without money for a week by treasuring other people’s trash. You find it here.

“The Punk Syndrome”. Gritty documentaries, punk bands, and club nights are fighting for disabled people’s right to a rock n’ roll lifestyle if they so chose, writes Maria Evrenos. Read here.

“Markus Krunegard: Meet Mr Metaphore”. For those who think salty liquorice is a palette combination from hell- you might not enjoy this new Swedish export either:The Serenades. They are a musical duo much of the same recipe: sweet perky melodies and tearful lyrics, Maria Evrenos writes

“The answer for fed-up working chicks is mortar and bricks”. Broke women are promised financial freedom through buying houses on their credit cards, Maria Evrenos investigates. Read here.

“Skedaddle time for squatters?”. A new law cracks down on squatting in residential properties, but with thousands of empty properties and a few crowbars, radicals are still finding free accommodation this way, Maria Evrenos reports. Read More.

Teargas riots, burnt flesh and shellfish poisoning for Kirsten Dunst, Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen while filming “Two Faces of January”. News story from press conference for TheFancarpet. Read here

“The Love Punch Press Conference: Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan in “Home Counties Heist Movie”. Read here.

“Yves Saint Laurent” Review for the FancarpetYou can read it here.

“Islington fashion workshops help teenagers to get on the career ladder.” I wrote a feature about NEETS in London for the hyperlocal website St John’s Street. Read it here.

Dvd release and screenings of The Libertines Documentary: “There are no innocent bystanders”. Shot with Canon 7Ds it’s a stunning film that unveils the explosive creative earthquake that is Carl Barât and Peter Doherty’s relationship -and the story of The Libertines. Feature and review for the indie culture blog London Recordings. Read it here.

My nightlife reviews for Designmynight found here. More examples: The Shoreditch and LondonPlayboy Club and Love and Liquor.

“Fanfarlo’s Leon Beckenham”. For somebody who decided not to become a musician, it is a surprise to end up in a band playing the trumpet, keyboard, glockenspiel and melodica, with the added ability to loop himself into sounding like a complete horn ensemble. Then again, that’s the case of Leon Beckenham, 34, musician in the band Fanfarlo. He stumbled across the band, which is due to release its second album “Rooms Filled with Light” on February 28, six years ago. Read More.

“Locally Based Textile Industry Initiatives sprout after Rama Plaza Factory Collapse | Bangladesh”. A group of North American clothing companies established a new office in Dhaka this week,  to work locally on improving safety in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Read here.

“Whole loaf of nonsense ingrained in bread marketing”. People looking for healthy bread are being mislead by dubious labelling, a report published today says. The Real Bread Campaign is criticising bread retailers for using words such as “wholesome” or “wholegrain” to give the impression of health benefits that are not there. Read More. 

You will find a full record of my published and unpublished articles on my blog Here is a selection.

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