Welcome to my portfolio

maria with cameraI’m a journalist and film-maker based in London.

I love telling stories, in writing or with video. Since graduating in 2014 I have written for The Guardian on environmental lifestyle issues and global development. It taught me a lot about digital journalism and the creative tools available to enrich and to market a story online.

I also shoot and edit event videos that capture the essense of any given occasion, make commercials and infomercials, marketing videos for the web, journalism reportage and documentaries. My client list includes Gothenburg Film Studios, Change:HOW, Vestal Vodka, Croud.com, Globehunters, My Credit Monitor, Match.com, TheFancarpet, Designmynight etc.

I have the equipment to make top quality productions: cameras, lenses, lights, visual effects softwares and a green screen. As a trained journalist from City University London and the Danish School of Media and Journalism I can also do presenting, interview and advise you on storytelling.

This showreel gives a pretty good idea about the kind of content I have created for clients or independently in the last two years. It’s a mix of live action and motion graphics by Andrea Mattioli.

A little bit about me

I was born in Sweden but I’ve been living in London for more than five years. I’m very curious about the world and have been drawn to journalism since I was 18, when I created and published my first magazine.

Since then I’ve made film reportage about Muslim converts in Germany, hula hoop performers and illegal street artists in London, the Afghan diaspora in Denmark and a radio feature about cocoa farmers in Ghana. I once set myself the challenge of living completely without money in London for a week for an article published in The Ecologist. This showreel below is a compilation of a few of the most interesting stories I have worked on.

I co-run the London Documentary Network which is an organisation for documentary film makers and appreciators. We create events, workshops, screenings and competitions to improve our members’ skills, knowledge and network within the documentary film field.

I also do freelance photography; mainly portrait and live music pictures. I also advise on Swedish to English translation and copy righting for a Scandinavian fashion brand.

Warm Regards,

Maria Evrenos

2 responses to “Welcome to my portfolio

  1. Hello Maria, I read your article on Ecologist about your week as a freegan. I am in the process of creating a documentary on freegans and it will be great if we could get in touch and talk more of your experience and knowledge on this topic. My email is: r.mazvimavi1@arts.ac.uk
    Many thanks, Ridgeway

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